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Nestle News (February 12, 2024) Weekly Parent Bulletin

Hello parents, wow, what an eventful week!! We got though torrential rains and ended the week with an earthquake.  The good news is that Nestle staff and students came through like the champions we are.  I am so proud of our staff and students.  They handled all of the challenges admirably. For your peace of mind parents, during a drill, everyone gets under a desk at the first sign of shaking.  In case people forget, I remind them over the intercom.  We wait until the shaking subsides for a few minutes and then we evacuate the classrooms and buildings. Once everyone is out, teachers take roll.  Because the quake was small, we were tasked with checking classes for damage. Several 2 person-teams checked every room for damage and found none, Once the rooms were cleared, everyone returned to their classes and dismissal was a few minutes later.  I hope to see everyone this evening at the Nestle's Got Talent talent show, which starts at 5:30 pm.  Refreshments can be purchased at 5:00 pm. Our LUNCH BUNCH will be held on Wednesday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day.  Come and bring lunch to your child or children. Spend lunch time with them.  Lunch will be 40 minutes.  Bring a blanket or cushions. There will be some seating on the quad.  Please read the bulletin for lunch times. Wednesday is also a shortened day.  Dismissal is at 2:05pm.  Have a great week.