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Nestle News (September 18, 2023) Weekly Parent Bulletin

Greetings Nestle Neutrons, I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Please make sure to read the attached parent bulletin, PTA bulletin and flyers with details about all of the activities at Nestle this week. Monday, Sept 18th our parent center will host a Parent Workshop at 8:30am in Rm 19, entitled:Introduction to Positive Behavior, Intervention and Supports. Wednesday, we will host Spirit Night at the Habit on Ventura at the Encino Commons. The Habit will donate 20% of all proceeds to Nestle, from 5:00-9:00pm. We also have the 1st of 3 Kindergarten Academies beginning Thursday at 8:30 am in Rm 19. The topic is: Math, Foundational Skills and Problem-Solving Strategies. This workshop is primarily for Kindergarten parents but all parents of young learners (pre-K, TK and K) are encouraged to attend. Lastly, our PTA Drive has begun. Please see the PTA Bulletin for details. The proceeds are sorely needed to support programs, field trips, covering for our lunch pavilion, play structure for our kindergarten yard and a covering for the play structure for the main yard. We need your financial support. The PTA bulletin details how monies will be spent. Thank you in advance for your support and have a great week.