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Weekly Nestle News (Oct 03, 2022)

Good evening Nestle Neutrons. I hope your're enjoying your weekend.  We have an UNASSIGNED Day on Wednesday, October 5th, therefore School is closed on that day.  School resumes on Thursday, October 6th.  On Thursday, we also have our first in-person Awards assembly since March of 2019. Parents are welcome to attend.  Awards will be given for Student of the Month, Extraordinary Effort, Character (Cooperation) and 100% Attendance for September.  During-school Intervention also begins this week.  Students who scored below Benchmark on the Beginning of the Year DIBELS assessment have been invited to participate.  Students with poor attendance may not qualify, so attendance does matter. Students can not achieve academically if they are not at school and intervention can not make up for poor attendance. Next week is the last week of the PTA/Donation Drive.  So far, we have raised $30,000, which is half of our goal.  We need money to fund psychomotor and field trips.  Psychomotor costs around $50,000 for the year.  Field trip busses (1 bus holds 2 classes) are $500.00 each. For 20 classes (10 busses) to go on 1 field trip, we will need $5,000. Traditionally at Nestle, PTA has funded both psychomotor and field trip busses.  Due to 2.5 years of Covid restrictions, fund-raising was not possible so we are playing catch-up.   That is why your donations are so crucial.  Thank you on behalf of Nestle students if you have already donated.  If you have not yet done so, now's the time.  PTA even has a payment plan if needed. Have a great 4 day school week and enjoy Wednesday off.