Message from Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino

April 12th,
Greetings Nestle Neutrons,
I hope you are all staying safe and doing your part to flatten the curve.
Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone.
Please read this weeks bulletin for the weekly Computerwise and Stem & More schedule. Also check with your child's teacher for their teaching schedule.
LAUSD and UTLA have a new agreement on Remote Learning, so I do not have a schedule to publicize. I have included the text of the agreement as an attachment.
School does resume tomorrow, so make sure your child participates in all learning activities. We will work to resolve whatever difficulties remain in ensuring that your child's education continues.
Superintendent Beutner will have a news conference tomorrow at 11:00 on KLCS or on the LAUSD website. Please tune in for the latest updates.
In closing, we all look forward to the day when this is over, when children and teachers can return to school, when businesses can re-open, when this virus has been defeated and the loss of life from it ceases. In the meantime, let’s do our part to hasten that day.
Thanks for reading, stay healthy and be well.
- Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino
April 5th,
Greetings Nestle Families,

I hope you are all well.
This week, we begin Spring Break,
therefore there will be no online instruction for students.

Remote learning will continue Monday, April 13th.
Each teacher has made a weekly schedule, which will be emailed to you and put on our Nestle website as soon as it is approved by our Director.

The schedule will contain 2 hours total, weekly face time with the teacher and (3) 1 hour sessions per week of Office Hours where teachers can talk to or meet with parents who have questions.

This is the Districts recommendation during the pandemic. Please do not expect the same amount of instructional time as regular school. However we do expect every student to participate in remote learning.
Please see the attached document for other online learning resources.

I hope that you are participating in Computerwise and Stem N More.
Nestle has contracts with both entities and we would certainly like to get our money’s worth.
Thanks for reading, stay healthy and be well.
- Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino
April 1st,
Good Evening Parents.
I hope you are all well.
This week, the teachers and I are going through online training on topics around remote learning. Teachers have been instructed not to do online teaching this week as they need to utilize this time to plan, study, collaborate and research appropriate lessons and strategies to implement after Spring Break on April 13th.
They also worked on an instructional schedule that will be sent this weekend.
This schedule will be your guide as to what to expect instructionally from your child’s teacher on a daily basis. The schedule was designed to reflect the District’s recommendations. So please be patient.
Teachers need this time to recalibrate and figure out how best to teach remotely.
You no doubt have assignments that your child has been given. Please assist them in completing them. These assignments will count towards a grade, so please take them seriously. Students will be given extra time to complete all assignments, but please communicate with the teacher to make sure you know how to support your child.
All teachers have (3) 1 hour blocks of “Office Hours” per week, designed to be available to parents and their child for questions and support. Teachers will not be available outside their office hours.
They too have families; children, that are at home to care for, so let’s all be compassionate.
We have already begun contacting students who have not been in contact with the teacher or completing assignments. Grades are being recorded, so please if you know someone who is off the grid, please let them know that we are having school, remotely.
Next week, Stem N More is still having online Zoom classes, even though we are on Spring Break,
so it is up to you if you want to participate.
Friday, the Parent Center is sponsoring a ZOOM workshop with Robert Goldstein,
called Nestle Parent Community Circle and Check-In.
They will explore your social emotional well-being during these stressful times.
All of this information is also on the Nestle website,
Thanks for reading, stay healthy and be well.
- Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino


March 29, 2020

Good Evening Nestle Families,

I hope you are all well and staying safe.

It was great seeing so many of you picking up devices on Friday. We had a great turnout and I know students are glad to get their devices back.

This coming week, teachers are doing online training for at home learning and teaching.

It is a very challenging time for all of us. I want to thank you for being patient as we make this challenging transition. We will get through this together.

Thanks for listening and please be safe.

- Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino

See attached link below to view this weeks Parent bulletin:

Parent Bulletin 2019-2020: March 30 - April 03


March 26, 2020

Good Evening Nestle Families.

I hope you are all well. Tomorrow Nestle students have a chance to work on their own IPAD or Chromebook that they have been using all year. The devices and carts have all been sanitized. We will begin passing devices out to use at home at 12:30 and hope to end at 4:30.

The schedule is as follows: 12:30-1:30 is for TK/Kinders; 1:30-2:30 is for 1st and 2nd graders; 2:30-3:30 is for 3rd and 4th graders and 3:30-4:30 is for 5th graders.

I strongly encourage you to pick up your child device that he or she uses at school. Most have saved work, apps, shortcuts and links to commonly used educational websites. Those devices that are left may end up being donated for the use of high school students to fulfill the Districts commitment to all students having a device.

I would much prefer Nestle students to keep their devices at home so that we can maintain our technology edge of being a 1:1 school, meaning all of our students have their own devices.

Also, a reminder: All teachers, administrators and support staff will be participating in 5 days of learning about online instruction.

After Spring Break, (April 3-10) teachers will return and will be ready to resume or begin online instruction. If you have neighbors that opted out of Blackboard Connect, they will have to contact them to re-establish.

I am also posting information onto our website,

Thanks for reading and be well.

- Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino

Friday, March 27th Device Pick up Schedule:


TK/Kinder: 12:30pm-1:30pm

1st and 2nd: 1:30pm-2:30pm

3rd and 4th: 2:30pm-3:30pm

5th Grade: 3:30pm-4:30pm


March 25, 2020

Good Evening Nestle Families,
I hope you are staying at home and are healthy.
LAUSD is starting a 5 day training period for teachers. Teachers will be trained on Continuity of Learning.
I was just informed that I am also required to participate which means I will be available after 12:00 on Friday, therefore, the new time frame for device distribution is Friday, still, but now the time is 12:30-4:30.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I have no choice. Also, the new training program for teachers means they will not be available for direct instruction for 5 days, beginning this Friday, and the 1st 4 days of next week.
Students were given work and online assignments previously, so please make available yourselves of those resources.
So to summarize:
IPAD and Chromebook distribution is still Friday, March 27,
but it will be 12:30-4:30

Teachers are in training Friday,(3/27), Monday, (3/30), Tuesday, (3/31), Wednesday, (4/1) and Thursday, (4/2)
Friday, (4/3) is a holiday (Cesar Chavez birthday)

The following week is Spring Break, (April 6-10) There is no instruction during this week.

Stem N More and Computerwise continue to provide instructional support. Thanks for reading and please share with other Nestle families that don't get the bulletin that they need to provide us a working email so that they can receive important updates and sometimes links to classes and other instructional programs.
You may also find information on Nestle's official website at:
- Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino
March 23, 2020
Hello Nestle Families,
Since Supt Beutner's announcement that schools will continue to be closed through May 1st, it is even more crucial that we facilitate continuity of learning.
To that end, I will allow parents to pick up IPADS or Chromebooks to use at home on Friday, March 27th.
Each student at Nestle was assigned a device.
TK, Kinders and First graders each have an IPAD and Grades 2-6 have Chromebooks. 
I will be giving students the device they normally use. 
All devices and carts will be sanitized.   
Pick up times depend on grade levels. Please follow the schedule listed below.  
The devices are to be returned when school resumes, so please take care of them. Parents will be asked to fill out a form to check devices out and to assume financial liability for their replacement should they become damaged. Please make every attempt to come on Friday. For everyone’s health and safety, this may be your last opportunity to take advantage of this technology sharing during school closure. 
Many schools in LDNW do not have a device for each student. The District may pick up some of our devices to share with others less fortunate.  Of course, I would much prefer that Nestle students have access to their own technology.
As always, thanks for your continued support and cooperation.
Stay healthy, stay home, wash hands and practice social distancing.
-Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino

(old schedule has been removed)