Parent Bulletin (2021-22) » Parent Bulletin (March 14th, 2022) Nestle Ave ES

Parent Bulletin (March 14th, 2022) Nestle Ave ES

Good Evening Nestle Families, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and that you moved your clocks ahead 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time. Monday is Pi Day. It is a day to celebrate the mathematical constant of pi and to eat lots of pie. The digits in the date. 314 are the first 3 digits of pi.  It is also Albert Einstein’s birthdate, March 14th 1879. Tuesday, the Persian class will host Nowruz, a celebration that marks the Persian New Year and the official beginning of spring. Nowruz celebration will begin at 2:30-4:00 in the auditorium.  Indoor masking will be required, but there no other requirements for this one time visit. Join us for Pre-packaged food, prizes, music and fun. Thursday, our Math scholars in 4th and 5th grade will participate in the Kangaroo Math competition at Woodland Hills Academy. A bus will be provided. Thursday is also St. Patrick's Day.  Be sure to wear green and be Irish for the day.  We are still waiting to hear the decision regarding INDOOR MASKING.  At this time, we are continuing with optional OUTDOOR MASKING and MANDATORY INDOOR MASKING until we hear further.