Parent Bulletin (2021-22) » Parent Bulletin (November 15, 2021) Nestle Ave ES 2021-22

Parent Bulletin (November 15, 2021) Nestle Ave ES 2021-22

Good Evening Nestle families.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Next week we are holding virtual parent conferences and therefore every day except Tuesday is a minimum day dismissal at 12:55.  Tuesday is early out dismissal at 1:38.  I reviewed all report card grades for each student and I can assure you, some of you need very much to meet with the teacher to determine why your child received the grades he or she earned and learn what you can do to help facilitate better grades. This teaching thing is truly a collaboration between parents and teachers.  It works well when parents become involved and when they support the teacher.  As you meet with your child's teacher this week, take some notes, ask questions.  Let your child see how important school is. If you think it is, they will think it is too. Finally, many of you may believe, what's the big deal, it's only elementary school?  We firmly believe at Nestle and throughout LAUSD that College Begins in Kindergarten, so we take very seriously preparing students for higher education.  Enjoy your conferences and have a great week.