Parent Bulletin 2020-2021 » Nestle ES Parent Bulletin (01-11-2021)

Nestle ES Parent Bulletin (01-11-2021)

Hello Nestle Neutrons,
this is Ms. Gray, Principal of Nestle.
Welcome Back Nestle Families.
I hope you all had an enjoyable Winter Break.
We are all looking forward to a better 2021.
The first day of school for students will be Tuesday, January 12th at 9:00am.
Teachers and staff members will be attending training all day on Monday, January 11th.
Due to the high number of Covid infections in LA County, we will continue with online/remote instruction.
The office and school site will remain closed until further notice.
Our Nestle office number will be monitored by staff remotely. You may call us at 818-342-6148 or email us for assistance.
It is impossible to tell you whether or not school will resume at some point in a hybrid model. So much depends on the virus levels. At this time, LA County residents are asked to Shelter-In-Place to prevent further spread or infection. The Governor makes the call as to whether schools can re-open, so we need to stay vigilant and take this seriously.
After recent negotiations between LAUSD and UTLA, there have been some changes in the number of synchronous and asynchronous minutes for remote learning. 
Also the deadline for the School Experience Survey has been extended. Please click on the link to take the survey. This is very important, parents. It is not some random survey. To be honest it is the MOST IMPORTANT SURVEY OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Students take it, staff members take it and parents take it.
Again, welcome back and have a great week.
Thank you for reading and,
Keep helping us,
help your child,
become . . .
"Fundamental to what Matters!"