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Nestle ES Parent Bulletin (12-14-2020)

Hello Nestle Neutrons,
this is Ms. Gray, Principal of Nestle.

As you know Nestle’s campus is now closed,
but we are still working until Friday.
After that, schools will be closed for Winter Break.
Even though the campus is closed due to concerns about increasing Covid infections, we can still be reached during this week.
You may reach staff by calling Nestle at 818-342-6148.
The number will be forwarded to Amazon Connect and it will ring on our laptops.
We will able to talk with you through our laptop’s speakers.
To date, there are many schools whose phone system is not yet operational, like Nestle’s.
The District is working to resolve the problem, so hopefully it will be repaired by Monday morning.
If you need assistance, please call Nestle.
If your call is not immediately forwarded to one of the office staff, you will have to contact us by email.
Please see the emails of all office staff in the bulletin.
Someone will respond to your message quickly.
Lastly, please be safe as you go about your life.
Wear your mask, keep social distance and don’t relax yet.
A vaccine may be on the way, but it will likely be several months before any of us see its benefits.
In the meantime, we have to stay healthy until then.
Happy Hanukkah to many of you.
Thank you for reading and,
Keep helping us,
help your child,
become . . .
"Fundamental to what Matters!"