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Nestle ES Parent Bulletin (08-24-2020)

Hello Nestle Neutrons,
this is Ms. Gray, Principal
of Nestle.
I hope we all now have a better sense of online learning.
I think Schoology is adjusting as well to the thousands of students logging on at 9:00am every school day.
We are still getting some calls for help and we are available to assist you by phone or in person.
The Parent Center will continue to be open daily from 10-2pm.
If you need support please do not hesitate to call or come by.
Our 2 Intervention teachers and HELP LINE reps,
Ms. Mikaelian and
Ms. Clark
have google voice numbers and can now be reached by phone for assistance between the hours of 9am to 2:15pm.
Ms. Mikaelian’s number is 213-986-8110.
Ms. Clark's is 818-538-9334.
For device issues, please email Ms. Cloward at [email protected]
For all other questions, please call the office, 818-342-6148.
I hope you will make the time to come to our first PTA Zoom meeting of the year on Tuesday at 6:30pm.
It's later in the day to make it possible for everyone to attend. 
Every Monday morning at 9:00am, I will hold an informational meeting.
It is part of LAUSD's agreement with UTLA.
I look forward to using that time to give live updates, and I will arrange for opportunities for student recognition.
The zoom information and links are in the Parent Bulletin.
Remember, on Mondays, instruction begins at 9:20.
Tuesday-Friday it's 9:00am.
Keep helping us,
help your child,
become . . .
"Fundamental to what Matters!"