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Message from Principal Gray (08-09-2020)

DATE: 08-09-2020
Hello Nestle parents.
Now that the side letter between LAUSD and UTLA has been agreed upon, but not yet ratified by members, we now have a better idea of how the school year will be constructed. In the meantime, Nestle teachers have been planning and organizing for the upcoming virtual school year. There is a lot to absorb and I will be sending information each day, as we continue to plan and prepare.
The first thing I would like for you to do is make sure that we have your correct email and cell phone number so that you will get weekly, and for a while, daily updates. If you hear from a friend or relative that they did not receive the updates that you did, please tell them to call the office at 818-342-6148 or email [email protected] so that we can correct the system and connect you to the information you will need to ensure your child is ready for school.
2nd: Instruction will begin on Thursday, August 20th.
There will be informational opportunities for students and families Monday-Wednesday, August 17-19. Teachers and staff will start school on Monday, August 17th. Please take advantage of the information that will be made available to you the first week, Monday thru Wednesday, August 17-19. (More to come on that).
3rd: There will be a drive thru car distribution this week for your child's grade level. Please see the attached schedule.
Parent drivers will enter Nestle's campus thru the gate on Dolman (by the kinder yard) and exit onto Tarzana. Students will receive backpacks with books and instructional materials that they need. The backpacks may also contain things like journals, workbooks, supplies, and a letter from the teacher. Many teachers will also be present so that your child can "meet" their teacher while safely distancing in the car.
Class assignments were mailed home last week.
We will all be wearing masks and gloves and we ask that you and students wear masks as well.
You will proceed thru the campus to various stations to pick up necessary items and then exit.
We ask that you call and make an appointment for devices if you are new to Nestle, incoming kindergarteners and incoming 2nd graders to exchange their IPADS for Chromebooks. All devices turned in have been sanitized before re-distributing. Ms. Cloward is our Inventory Device Manager and she is in charge of devices. Her email is [email protected]
4th: There will also be Parent Orientations by zoom this week, except for the 2nd grade team's, which is next week. Please see attached schedule. TK and Pre-K distribution and parent orientation dates are pending. Zoom invitations for parent orientations will be sent, Monday. There is much more information to come. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.
I will be sending daily updates until the first day of instruction, which is Thursday, August 20th.
-Principal Cheryl Gray-Sortino