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From Oct. 1 to Nov. 14, the District is accepting applications for our CHOICES Program, which includes the Magnet, Permits With Transportation (PWT), and CORE Waiver Priority School Matriculate Choice (PSMCP) programs.


Please visit the eChoices website at http://eChoices.lausd.net to apply online and for information including maps, a school selection tool, a step-by-step tutorial on how to fill out the CHOICES application, and more.

  • Click here for an informative module about CHOICES
  • Click here for a step-by-step module on how to fill out the CHOICES application
  • Tune-in to KLCS Tuesdays at 6:30am and 6:30pm starting October 7 through November 11 to watch the Choices/Opciones program. 
About Affiliated Charters
Affiliated Charter Schools are semi-autonomous District public schools that converted to affiliated charter status via a charter petition process. The schools are authorized by the L.A. Unified Board of Education. Affiliated Charter Schools are governed by the Board of Education and operate in accordance with District policy, Board Rules, state and federal law, collective bargaining agreements, and Human Resources/Personnel Commission guidelines. Affiliated Charter Schools receive direct oversight by a Local District Office and the L.A. Unified Charter Schools Division. The schools are given flexibility in the utilization of the charter school categorical block grant; areas of curriculum and professional development; some aspects of local school governance; and some aspects of employee selection.
About SAS Programs - Schools for Advanced Studies
Gifted/talented students demonstrate evidence of high achievement in an identified area and need specialized services and support to fully develop their potential and support their academic success. Gifted/Talented Programs, Advanced Learning Options, is committed to ensuring that the unique academic and social-emotional needs of gifted/talented learners are met in every K-12 District school, including local schools of residence. Each L.A. Unified school with identified gifted learners, regardless of program type, must cluster-group gifted learners for instruction and provide meaningful differentiated learning opportunities that challenge students to achieve beyond grade-based standards and expectations.
Schools for Advanced Studies demonstration sites receive the SAS designation for their exemplary Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) implementation. The Schools for Advanced Studies designation, initially implemented in the 1998–1999 school year, was created to acknowledge exemplary school models of innovative, equitable and effective GATE practices districtwide. By providing high-quality differentiated instruction with an emphasis on depth, complexity, acceleration and novelty, SAS sites offer high-level academic opportunities that meet the unique educational needs of K–12 gifted learners, identified in the Intellectual Ability, High Achievement Ability, Specific Academic Ability, Creative Ability and Leadership Ability categories or verified based on critical thinking/achievement. Resident schools must undergo a rigorous application process every five years to obtain or maintain the SAS designation.

About the Magnet Program

The LAUSD Magnet Program is a court-ordered voluntary integration program available to students living within the boundaries of LAUSD. The District’s Magnet Program started in 1977 and is one of the most successful in the nation. Magnets offer theme-based instructional opportunities to all students in grades K-12, living within the boundaries of LAUSD. Currently, there are 198 Magnet Programs located throughout the District. All District students, including English Learners, Special Education and Gifted/Talented are encouraged to apply.


About the Permits With Transportation (PWT) Program

PWT is a court-ordered voluntary integration program available to students who live within the area of an LAUSD school participating in the program. The PWT program provides students with integrated experiences by placing a diverse range of students in integrated school settings.


About the CORE Waiver Priority School Matriculate Choice Program (PSMCP)

PSMCP is a District-initiated public school choice program that allows parents of perspective students in kindergarden, 6th, 7th, and 9th grade matriculating into a CORE waiver priority school the opportunity to enroll in an alternate school choice. School assignments are made by the District.

For questions about the CHOICES Program, please call Student Integration Services at:



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