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PTA (Parent and Teacher Association)

What is Nestle PTA?
The Nestle PTA is a Parent and Teacher Association. The goal of the PTA is to supplement

your child’s education, enrich their academic studies, and make their school experience a fun
and positive one.

What this means is that the PTA provides programs that have been cut or cannot be funded by

The Nestle PTA, in conjunction with Friends of Nestle, provides the following major programs:

  • YMCA Psychomotor Instructors for all classes – LAUSD cut funding for PE coaches and
  • instructors, so we stepped in and now pay for it.
  • Field trip buses so each class can go on one field trip each year – kids look forward to
  • stepping out of the classroom and into the real world to learn.
  • After-school classes, such as Mad Science, Sports, and Art – Instead of driving to these
  • classes, they come to us.
  • Movie Nights – free entertainment.
  • AR awards, Perfect Attendance Certificates, Caught Being Good prizes, and incentives – It’s nice to reward kids for working hard and doing well!

How do we fund these programs? Through constant fundraising and donations. For example:

  • PTA Membership
  • Donations to “Friends of Nestle” – from people like you – also banner and crayon poles
  • sales
  • The FUNIVAL (our Family Fun Fair in October) and raffle ticket sales
  • Spirit Nights – Nights when restaurants give a percentage of their sales to us.
  • After-school food sales like Jamba Juice, Student Store, etc.
  • Chocolate Sales Fundraiser
  • Penny Wars
  • Family Western BBQ – our Spring Family Fun Time
  • Nelson’s Book Fair

What else does the Nestle PTA do? On top of coordinating the events listed above, we are
also reaching out to local businesses to help us update our technology equipment in the
classroom. We’ve tried to do this with our fundraising, but there just isn’t enough money to
spare. If you know of any businesses interested in purchasing new equipment for our
classrooms, please email Darlen.

Lastly, Nestle PTA, the school, and your teachers can always use your help. While things
seem BIG, when everyone pitches in and does their part, the tasks become very manageable
and everyone can have an enjoyable time! Please make our school a better place and
volunteer today!